The Witness, Sonic Matter Festival, Zürich Apr.-Dec. 2021

Sound Symposium, EDHEA – TLH, 1-2 Oct. 2021

Design Beyrouth, sound installation, 2022

Orlando, 2022


Julie Beauvais, Horace Lund, Christophe Fellay, Video installation, music, performance (2018-2022) Orlando is an opera, a performative installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live music performance. Julie Beauvais choreographed conscious movements with seven Orlandos of today, embodying the post-binary new paradigm in Berlin, Kinshasa, Marfa, London, Varanasi, Lisboa, Chandolin, Patagonia, North Sea. Slow motion is used as a means of…

This is the time

Performed by Christophe Fellay, Marie-Noële Guex, and Jill Sigman – sound, video and dance, 601 artspace, New York (2014-2019) This Is The Time is an experimental performance exploring ways in which images can be used as a living material interacting with dance and sonic explorations in real time, and not as a pre-recorded object.


Created by Christian Marclay (2007), performed by Christophe Fellay and Notes Inégales at Kings place Festival, London (2009) and with Marie N. Guex in 601 artspace, New York (2019) To create Shuffle, Christian Marclay photographed musical notation on objects and in locations all over the world, including shop awnings, chocolate tins, T-shirts, underwear, and other unexpected places.…

Peripheral vision

Christophe Fellay, Rhea Karam, Marie N. Guex – sound and video spatialisation, street art, sound performance – 601 Artspace, NYC (2019), 60 min. In collaboration with street artist and photographer Rhea Karam, Peripheral Vision was presented in two parts. First, one of Karam’s visual works is put in motion, unraveling in time alongside Fellay’s sonic creation. Second,…


Christophe Fellay (drums), Bo Lundby Jæger (organ), Copenhagen, Leuk (2014) Assonance is a figure of speech consisting of the repetition of a same vowel sound in several close words. More generally one speaks of assonance in the case of a repetition of one or more vowels in a verse or phrase. The desired effect is,…

Equinox Gardens

Christophe Fellay (drums), Jill Richards (piano), Martigny, Johannesburg, Cape Town, (2014) This proposal leads us to a round trip between improvisation, contemporary music writing and contemporary African urban sounds, inspired by the theme of the equinoxes. During the equinox, day and night divide exactly the two hemispheres and from the North Pole to the South…