F Sharp Bright Orange

Christophe Fellay and Marie Noële Guex presented a series of immersive live performances and open rehearsals exploring the theme of traces. Traces are a recurrent material in both Guex and Fellay’s work; they are defined by their existence in the present, yet they usually refer to the past (photographs, recordings, memorabilia) and sometimes serve as a source material for the future (music scores, maps). While traces might appear to be humble remnants, they possess an abstractive power that can lead our imaginations beyond the object or event they arose from.

Fellay and Guex used the 601 Artspace gallery both as a venue for performances, and as a workspace to process new material, rehearse, and improvise. During “open studio” hours the public was invited to watch and listen, engage with the artists and, if they desired, participate in the making of a new performance, F sharp bright orange.

Christophe Fellay, Marie N. Guex, Jill Sigman Thinkdance, 601 artspace, New York (2019)